Randy speaks in the Legislature thanking community for generosity after the Hampstead tragedy

March 5, 2012

Mr. Randy Pettapiece: On Monday, February 6, a beautiful day in Hampstead was shattered by tragedy. On that day, a tragic accident killed 11 people, including 10 farm workers from Peru and the driver of a transport truck. Three others were injured.

But in the face of tragedy, we saw the true character of our community. From the professional, dedicated first responders to the neighbours who took action, to those who donated to the community trust fund, and to the many who simply said a prayer, we know the character of our community is strong.

I saw that again on February 10 at a community prayer vigil held at St. Joseph’s Catholic church in Stratford. I saw that again on February 25, at an auction and evening of live entertainment. That event raised $15,000 for the families of the victims and survivors. I want to thank event organizers Sue Dunfield and Stewart Reynolds.

Finally, I want to recognize another constituent, who represents the very best of our community’s character. After reading about the Hampstead tragedy, 11-year-old Kiarra Wells of Listowel took action. Hoping to raise $100 for the victims’ families, Kiarra started a penny drive. She called it Pennies for Peru. So far, Kiarra has passed her goal of $100, raising over $400. Kiarra, thank you. May all of us follow your example of character and service.

Let’s also remember, Speaker, that we are not in that much of a hurry that we cannot take the time to drive safely.