Pettapiece pays tribute to Leonard Partridge

October 3, 2013

Mr. Randy Pettapiece: Throughout Perth–Wellington, there are people whose dedication to their community shines through in all that they do. Leonard Partridge was one such person. Leonard died on September 4 at the age of 91.

Year after year, he worked hard to the benefit of his family, his neighbours and those who needed a hand. He wore many hats: farmer, electrician, fisherman, Lions Club president, Sunday school teacher, husband and father, to name just a few.

I knew him through the Lions Club. In addition to his service as president, he was a member for some 38 years. Leonard was legendary as a champion ticket seller for the Lions. He would routinely sell an incredible one third of the roughly 1,200 tickets sold each year for the Lions yearly fundraiser. He continued to sell tickets late in his life, even after a stroke a number of years ago made him unable to speak.

He was the first Monkton Lion to receive the Melvin Jones award, the organization’s highest honour, in recognition for his humanitarian work.

To his children and grandchildren, he will be missed. To his community and all the people whose lives he improved, he will be missed.