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Pettapiece highlights local healthcare initiatives, doctor shortage

October 24, 2013

(Queen’s Park) – On October 17, Perth-Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece was in Drayton to hear more about progress in telemedicine by the Minto-Mapleton and Mount Forest Family Health Teams. Also attending the event were municipal leaders, representatives of the Ontario Telemedicine Network, and local patients.

Today in the Ontario legislature, Pettapiece highlighted their work. He also raised the ongoing doctor shortage facing many of his constituents. The following is the text of his remarks:

“Last week in Drayton, I learned more about the great work our local healthcare professionals are doing.

“The Minto-Mapleton and Mount Forest Family Health Teams shared exciting developments in local telemedicine. Their innovative use of telemedicine in diagnosing symptoms means many patients now receive a diagnosis from specialists within days, not months.

“For patients and their loved ones in small and rural communities, growing use of telemedicine means less travel to see specialists in major centers. It means fewer expenses for gas, meals and hotels and less vacation time used.

“It’s exciting to see how these advances in medical technology are revolutionizing local healthcare. Our local healthcare professionals in Perth-Wellington are leading the way, and they deserve our thanks.

“We need the province to follow their lead in filling gaps where they exist. The doctor shortage is one example.

“Some of my constituents haven’t had a doctor for over two years. We in Perth-Wellington need more family physicians, and we’ll need even more in the coming years.

“I’ve spoken with many of our local health care professionals. Repeatedly I’ve taken our concerns to the Minister of Health.

“We need to know the government is taking this issue seriously, and that they have an effective plan. We need the province to work cooperatively with local hospitals and municipalities, providing the resources they need.

“We need to see leadership at the provincial level like we’re seeing at the local level.”

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