Pettapiece celebrates small businesses in Perth-Wellington

October 25, 2013

(Perth-Wellington) – Perth-Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece is proudly supporting small businesses and their contributions to Ontario’s economy by recognizing Small Business Day today.

Pettapiece has a long history in small business, having operated a painting and decorating business with his wife Jane. He believes that the provincial government must encourage the success of small business – not stand in its way.

“Too often, the provincial government hinders, rather than helps, small businesses from reaching their potential.”

Pettapiece continued: “We know that small business growth is essential for Ontario’s economy, and I want to continue doing everything I can for small businesses in all parts of Perth-Wellington.”

Pettapiece has gone to bat for local small businesses facing difficulty. He has also supported legislation which would reduce red tape and strengthen the economy, including MPP Garfield Dunlop’s efforts to stop the new College of Trades bureaucracy.

On October 10, he also spoke and voted in favour of a private member’s bill to amend the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA).

“We’ve heard about the TSSA too often making unreasonable, unrealistic, time-consuming and expensive demands on people who simply cannot afford it,” Pettapiece said in the Ontario legislature. “The provincial government should be going out of its way to encourage small business and to reduce red tape and unnecessary costs.”

Pettapiece also pointed to the Ontario PC policy white paper, “An Agenda for Growth”, which highlights the PC commitment to reducing red tape by one-third within three years. The white paper is available at

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