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Saving energy? Liberals reward you with another hydro hike

April 26, 2016

(Perth-Wellington) – Thanks to provincial government policies, energy conservation could cost you. On May 1, hydro rates will increase yet again, resulting in an average of another $37.56 added to your hydro bill each year.

The Ontario Energy Board has stated that the rate increase is to recover a shortfall resulting from lower than expected usage this past winter.

“People should be rewarded for saving energy, not penalized,” stated Perth-Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece. “Hydro rates are already skyrocketing, and now we’re paying more to get less.

“Thanks to a mild winter, many were able to keep their usage down,” he added. “You would think this would mean lower hydro bills. Instead, this government has chosen to hike rates and blame the weather.”

Under the new rates, on-peak usage will cost 18 cents/kWh, mid-peak usage will cost 13.2 cents/kWh and off-peak usage will cost 8.7 cents/kWh. This is an increase of 2.8-percent, 3.1-percent and 4.7-percent, respectively.

When questioned in the legislature about this hydro rate increase, the Minister of Finance claimed that hydro rates are actually going down (below the government’s projections).

“The Liberals seem to be living in an alternate universe,” Pettapiece quipped.

Since November 2015, hydro bills have increased by an average of $186.96 a year.

Those concerned about the increasing cost of their hydro bills are encouraged to complete Pettapiece’s petition, which calls on the government to immediately lower hydro rates. The petition is available at: www.pettapiece.ca/petitions.

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