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Surgery wait times causing hardship for those in pain

October 19, 2016

(Queen’s Park) – Underfunded, unprepared and unsympathetic. That’s how Perth-Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece describes the government forcing people to wait in pain—over a year, in some cases—for necessary surgery.

This morning during question period, Pettapiece slammed the government on the issue.

“Constituents tell me they’ve been stranded on wait lists for necessary surgeries,” said Pettapiece. “Is this the kind of system the Premier is proud of?”

In the last year alone, Pettapiece has heard from many constituents forced to wait in pain for hip and knee replacements, back surgery, thyroid cancer surgery and a stem cell transplant.

“This Liberal government’s years of waste and mismanagement have real consequences on the services we most value,” said Pettapiece. “The operating space is available, the hospital staff are ready, but the government won’t provide the essential funding.”

The Premier wouldn’t comment on wait times for surgeries in Perth-Wellington. Instead, the Minister of Health claimed the government has made “dramatic progress” in terms of reducing wait times.

While the government tracks wait times for surgeries, the calculation does not include the period of time between the referral by a family doctor to a surgeon, and the wait time to actually meet with the surgeon.

“The government’s advertised wait times do not accurately reflect the length of time people are waiting for surgeries,” said Pettapiece. “In fact, media reports show that in Southwestern Ontario, wait times are no better today than they were when the Liberals first started tracking them in 2005.

“Patients deserve better.”

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Video of question: http://pettapiece.ca/?p=4084