Liberal “Fair Hydro Plan” anything but fair: Pettapiece

May 25, 2017

(Queen’s Park) – Ontario’s budget watchdog released an independent analysis yesterday confirming that hydro rates will rise dramatically after the 2018 election. Perth-Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece reacted with frustration and disappointment to the news.

“This Liberal government has shown it cares about one thing alone: staying in power after the 2018 election,” said Pettapiece. “I can think of no other explanation for a hydro policy this crazy.”

According to the independent Financial Accountability Officer (FAO), the Liberal government will spend $45 billion over the life of its hydro plan to save people $24 billion on their electricity bills.

But that’s a best-case scenario, where the provincial government would have to balance each annual budget between now and 2045. The total cost could reach as high as $93 billion, according to the FAO’s report.

Pettapiece called on the government to address the root of the problem: the government’s decision to continue signing expensive contracts for power the province does not need.

He also pointed to recent reports that ratepayers will be on the hook for an additional $1.56 billion to pay for gas plants in Sarnia and Napanee. The government built the plants after deciding, shortly before the 2011 election, to cancel construction of power plants in Mississauga and Oakville. That decision cost taxpayers $1.2 billion.

Even though the legislature was not in session this week, Pettapiece was at Queen’s Park today to participate in a meeting of the Standing Committee on Justice Policy. The committee heard witness testimony on the government’s Bill 132, the Fair Hydro Act.

Pettapiece used the opportunity to raise concerns he has heard from constituents, and to hold the government to account on the FAO’s report.