Pettapiece delivers Hillside petitions, letters to Minister of Health

August 16, 2017

(Queen’s Park) – With over 3,500 signatures, the stack of petitions was formidable. Perth-Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece was at Queen’s Park today, where he hand-delivered copies directly to the office of the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care. A copy of Pettapiece’s cover letter can be downloaded here.

The petitions concern the closure of Hillside Manor and proposed transfer of long-term care beds out of the community. Pettapiece also delivered dozens of heartfelt emails and letters he received from area residents.

“I re-stated my position very clearly: do not take away our long-term care beds,” said Pettapiece. “With a growing seniors’ population and growing demands for care, moving beds out of our community just doesn’t make sense.”

It was the latest in a long series of actions taken by the MPP to fight for long-term care in Perth-Wellington.

Since the closure of Hillside Manor was announced in April, Pettapiece raised the issue in the legislature and wrote many times to the minister. He also successfully called on the government to hold a second public meeting in evening hours so that more people could attend.

That meeting date has not yet been announced, but is likely to be in late September or early October, Pettapiece said. The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care is required to provide 30 days’ notice for a meeting.

“At the first meeting, people were loud and clear: long-term care beds must stay in Perth-Wellington,” noted Pettapiece. “I’m hopeful the government is finally waking up to the reality that our area needs more investment in long-term care – not cuts to bed numbers.”

Pettapiece urged constituents to continue signing petitions. Copies are available on his website: Constituents can also pick up copies at his office, or call 1-800-461-9701 to have a petition mailed to them.

Completed petitions can be returned in their original form to Pettapiece’s constituency office: 55 Lorne Avenue East, Unit 2, Stratford, Ontario, N5A 6S4.

Pettapiece plans to introduce all petitions in the Ontario legislature when the session resumes in September.