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‘Better Jobs Act’ means 50,000 jobs lost: FAO

September 12, 2017

(Queen’s Park) –The Financial Accountability Officer (FAO) released a report earlier today warning that the provincial government’s Bill 148 – the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act – would cause a minimum of 50,000 job losses in Ontario. The FAO is an independent body that analyses the province’s finances. Randy Pettapiece, MPP for Perth-Wellington, says it confirms the concerns he has heard from constituents:

“Dozens of local business owners have told me these drastic changes spell bad news,” noted Pettapiece. “To me, the FAO findings confirm the Wynne Liberals are doing this for their own selfish political reasons.”

The report highlighted that the 50,000 jobs lost would disproportionately affect teens, young adults, and new immigrants. In addition, the FAO analysis revealed that only about a quarter of families that stand to benefit from this so-called ‘anti-poverty’ measure are actually low-income. Finally, the report warned that “there is evidence to suggest that the job losses could be larger than the FAO’s estimate.”

“Premier Wynne claims that Bill 148 is about fairness for workers,” said Pettapiece. “What exactly is fair about wiping out 50,000 jobs? Can she explain why she is forcing local business owners to choose between hiking prices or laying-off employees?”

The full FAO report can be found here: http://www.fao-on.org/en/Blog/Publications/minimum_wage