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Pettapiece introduces motion to save local long-term care beds

November 1, 2017

Perth-Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece is not giving up the fight to keep local long-term care beds in the community. Today he introduced a motion he says will give the government no choice but to pay attention.

“We won’t stand for taking long-term care beds out of our area,” Pettapiece said. “Many homes in Perth-Wellington already have long waiting lists. We need to add new beds, not take away the ones we already have.”

In April, Revera Living Inc. announced its application to transfer up to 50 long term care beds from Hillside Manor, in the Township of Perth East, to London. That moved prompted hundreds to turn out to two public meetings, and hundreds of letters, emails and phone calls to Pettapiece’s office.

The motion, Pettapiece explained, is a tool he can use to trigger a debate in the legislature. That debate is expected November 30.

The motion calls on the province to halt consideration of the bed transfer proposal until the government fixes its process and the metrics used to evaluate such proposals.

It closely mirrors the requests submitted by the County of Perth. In its submission to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, the county’s letter referenced the growing number of local seniors; the added strain of fewer beds on local health care providers; added strain on families to make long drives to see their loved ones; and local job losses, among other issues.

“I was so impressed by the county’s work on this issue, and the reasoning behind their recommendations, that I thought the legislature needed to hear them,” Pettapiece said.

“The county says the province should invest in more beds in our region, and I agree. This motion is about doing everything we can to get the government to listen.”

Pettapiece’s motion is the latest in a long list of actions he has taken. He wrote multiple letters to the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care; questioned the government in the legislature; and launched a petition that garnered some 3,800 signatures.

He also arranged meetings between municipal representatives and Revera, as well as with the South West Local Health Integration Network (LHIN).

“Long-term care has been mismanaged and underfunded,” Pettapiece concluded. “We need the government to fix the system, and we need them to help us keep our beds.”