Birth, Death, Marriage Certificates

Birth Certificates

Our constituency office can help to expedite a new or replacement birth certificate needed urgently for reasons such as travel or employment. The Office of the Registrar General requires proof of urgency, such as plane tickets or hotel reservations. Regular processing times for birth certificates are approximately 6-8 weeks. Each person’s request is unique. For more information, please contact our constituency office.

Click here for online Birth Certificate Application Form

Death Certificates

You may need an official death certificate or certified copy for:

  • Settling an estate
  • Insurance purposes
  • Access to/termination of government services, i.e. health card, pension, voters´ list
Click here for online Death Certificate Application Form

Marriage Certificates

You can download the Marriage Licence Application Form and bring it to your nearest municipal office.

Fill out the application and then apply for the marriage licence in person. Make sure you and your partner bring identification, such as a birth certificate (along with any change of name certificates), current passport, Record of Immigrant Landing or Canadian citizenship card and photo ID to prove your current legal name and age.